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WebDiscover Browser 59.0.3043.0

Integrates Chrome browser settings into a single tool, for searching the web
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WebDiscover Browser is a rather tricky program. It's a browsing solution that claims to integrate all the search tools you need to provide the most complete browsing experience. In reality, it's borderline adware, so you should tread carefully.

On the surface, it looks like a regular, if very slick and small, Internet browser that's copying most of the basic aspects of Chrome. However, upon installation, it accesses your Registry and obtains the ability to install an add-on, extension and plug-in. As a result, WebDiscover can intrude your regular search query and show you additional results of the search claiming that they are related to your topic of interest. It can't be locked or turned off even by security means. Basically, it monitors your activity online and suggests additional pages, serving as adware.

Despite this shady nature, WebDiscover can still be used as a relatively quick and harmless browser. It's only a question of whether you want the browser that bothers you with ads or not.

James Lynch
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  • Light and fast


  • It's basically adware
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